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Woden Teachout

Dr. Woden Teachout

Dr. Woden Teachout

Dr. Woden Teachout is a professor in Union Institute & University’s Master of Arts Online program. Her most recent publication, Capture the Flag: A Political History of American Patriotism, has been reviewed by many national publications, including The Wall Street Journal. Read our interview with Dr. Teachout

Dr. Constance Beutel




Dr. Constance Beutel, Faculty, Doctor of Education Program
Dr. Constance Beutel has produced video lectures of Dr. Tony Kashani, social justice activist committed to media literacy, and an introduction of Delaine Eastin, former superintendent
for public instruction, State of California. Both of these can be located on Union’s Ed.D. video channel. Additionally, Dr. Beutel is serving on the Benicia, California Mayor’s Advisory Committee.  She continues to conduct training for Benicia Emergency Response.


Dr. Patricia Brewer

Dr. Patricia Brewer

Dr. Patricia Brewer, Dean, Pre-Cohort Ph.D. Program
Dr. Brewer has been invited to be an external reviewer for the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) for the 2009 Special Focus Grant Competition in the area of “Innovative Strategies in Community Colleges for Working Adults and Displaced Workers”.





Nidia Collado

Dr. Nidia Collado

Dr. Nidia Collado, Faculty Advisor, Bachelor of Science Program

Dr. Collado, a faculty advisor for the social work and psychology majors in the Miami Center, is now a member of the Addiction Advisory Board for the Florida Certification Board. 





Dr. James Henderson

Dr. James Henderson

Dr. James Henderson, Faculty, Doctor of Education Program
Dr. Henderson was recently named founding director of the University Continuing Education Association’s (UCEA) Center for Educational Leadership and Social Justice, housed at the Duquesne University School of Education.





Arlene Sacks

Dr. Arlene Sacks

Dr. Arlene Sacks, Dean of Education
Arlene Sacks has been in an administrative and professorial role with the Union Institute & University for over 16 years. Prior to this, she has been an academic administrator on the graduate level at St. Thomas University and Barry University, both located in Miami, Florida in the field of education.

Beryl Watnick

Dr. Beryl Watnick


Dr. Beryl Watnick, Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Florida Center
Dean Sacks and Dean Watnick presented at the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards’ bi-annual, national conference in Atlanta. Drs. Sacks and Watnick dicussed
distance education within higher education programs at the pre-conference workshop.


Dr. Leslie Korn, Faculty, Master of Arts Online Program
Dr. Korn was awarded a research Fulbright grant in Mexico for the 2009-2010 year. The focus of her work will be traditional medicine in Mexico among rural indigenous women and the effects of development on their work.

Dr. Connie Krosney, Faculty, Master of Education Program (Vermont)
Dr. Krosney is currently reviewing books for the American Educational Studies Association ‘s (AESA) Critics Choice Awards.